Identify. Treat. Monitor.

Evidence-Based Laboratories (EBL) was set up to service the needs of the busy practitioner. Clinically orientated, evidence-based testing panels are offered at real prices because testing is carried out locally.

EBL is a spin off company from our sister company, Cardinal Bioresearch, a clinical trials medical research company. After performing years of clinical trials for supplement companies, we can confidently state nutritional supplements can provide effective treatments for various disorders if used together with appropriate biochemical monitoring. With the benefit of years of research and knowledge of the latest biomarkers, EBL now enters the direct-to-the-practitioner market to change the face of nutritional medicine with an ongoing commitment to improve the effectiveness of nutritional practitioners for each client and as a profession collectively.

Quality health care improvements must be an ongoing process. As such, EBL is partnered with Southern Cross University to collect clinical and biomarker data to test the effectiveness of nutritional medicine health practitioners. A profession that has been much maligned as of late. To find out how you can contribute to the research, please contact us.



The EBL Philosophy

How important is it to obtain biochemical evidence in patient care?

  1. There are no quick fixes when it comes to treating chronic conditions. It is important to identify the abnormal biochemistry first to maximise your chance of selecting the right treatment.

  2. It is often the case that biomarkers change before symptoms improve significantly. Monitoring your patient gives you an additional tool to motivate your clients to continue with your treatments or to alter the treatment early if there is no improvement.

  3. Using the philosophy of “Identify. Treat. Monitor.” gives you biochemical evidence that a given treatment works allowing the practitioner to compare treatments and fine tune your treatment protocols.


Why is it important to have testing done in Australia?

  1. Local testing decreases the chance of scientific artefact. Samples sent to overseas laboratories can deteriorate over time. Tests looking at things like gut bacteria, organic acids, amino-acids and many others need to be analysed quickly and transported in the correct collection device. Imagine trying to treat an artifact!

  2. Testing in Australia means you are not having to pay a middle-man and in general the prices will be cheaper.

  3. Working with a company in a similar time zone means your questions are answered quicker.

  4. Partnering with an Australian company means your feedback about the tests you want or any questions you have is valued higher. EBL is flexible and will act quickly to address any issues.